The Economics of Growing Old

There are many reasons to consider cosmetic surgery from “I want to look younger”, to “I hate how I look now”. There is an old saying that goes: “if I knew I was going to live this long… I would have taken better care of myself!” While there is some humor in these remarks there is regrettably much truth. Most of us have not taken very good care of ourselves and accordingly now face bodies that are out of shape and needing improvement. Throughout our lives we have gained weight, had many stressful moments, and experience the normal vicissitudes of life. This combination has made us look old. No one can avoid this roller coaster of life.

Not only is it increasingly important to keep our self in shape for personal reasons, it is equally important to keep our self in shape for economic reasons. Many Baby Boomers are now having to work longer than they ever expected because they did not adequately save for retirement and now will have to work longer than they planned or wanted. Studies show that people with gray hair and wrinkles receive less job interviews and the interviews that they do receive are shorter. Age discrimination is may be wrong but it is fast growing and cannot be ignored.

It is said that age 40 is the new age 50, and 50 the new 60 and so on. Many people will work way beyond the point that thought they could retire. Some because they want to work but many because they have to. Studies indicate that many have done a poor job of planning for retirement and will need to continue to work by necessity—work until you drop!

Cosmetics surgery can help individuals regain some of the look of their youth. It can provide a more rested look. It can also boost confidence when interviewing and working. Age bias is increasing particularly as younger workers move into management positions and may not want someone who looks like their fathers or mothers or even their grandparents working for them. Many young people feel the older generations lack skills…particularly computer skills…to be able to compete adequately in today’s fast-paced workplace. The competition for jobs will only continue. Many senior workers are often the first to be fired or laid off when a company plans to downsize, goes out of business or is looking to reduce overhead costs.

So cosmetic surgery service is not only to help you regain a more youthful and relaxed look…it may also help in any employment situations. There are steps to that one can take to turn back the hands of time. New interventions and technique have made the process less invasive, more effective and less time consuming.


In the film Nottingham Hill, actors Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant discuss why men are so interested in female breasts. What is the fascination with female breasts? It would take much research to answer but it is fair to say that the subject of female breasts occupies considerable thought and conversation. Needless to say, the subject is important and is often discussed. This topic carries over to whether a woman should consider breast augmentation or reduction. Some would argue that “God made me the way I am and I’m happy in my body.”

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