Ear Surgery / Otoplasty / Ear Reshaping

Ear Surgery / Otoplasty / Ear Reshaping

Also known as Otoplasty, Ear Reshaping, Ear Recontouring, Ear Surgery

The procedure is ideal for patients with a prominent ear projection or and an ear that is too far from the scalp. This may happen to patients who have poorly or well develop ear folds or conchal cartilage. The procedure is done to recreate the folds or the delicate details of the ear to attain a more normal shape and position. It may also involves excision of the small portion of the cartilage at the back of the ear if the cartilage tends to be well develop.

The procedure is done in an outpatient facility under local anesthesia or patients may opt to have light sedation for better comfort.

After Surgery:
After the procedure, patients will have swelling and some bruising of the ear. Patients are advised that there will be swelling, tightness, minimal pain or discomfort and numbness. However, these are transient and resolve spontaneously during the next several weeks.

For Better Healing:
To improve healing and minimize swelling, patients are advise to avoid the following for 2 to 3 weeks : smoking, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, NSAID’s like mefenamic acids, vitamin E supplement, steroids, herbal tea or herbal medications.