Cheek Augmentation / Malar Implant

Cheek Augmentation / Malar Implant

Cheek dimension and projection can be enhance with either an implant or by fat graft. Implant for cheek augmentation can either be silicon or goretex implant. For fat graft, this is usually harvested from the abdomen or thigh area and processed before it is injected into the malar or cheek area to improve the malar dimension and projection.

For cheek implants an incision is created along the mucosal lining of the mouth. The implant is placed above the bone, under the muscle.

The procedure is done in an outpatient facility under local anesthesia or patients may opt to be lightly sedated.

After Surgery:
After the procedure, patients will have swelling and some bruising of the cheek area. Patients are advised that there will be swelling, tightness, minimal pain or discomfort and numbness. However, these are transient and resolve spontaneously during the next several weeks.

For Better Healing:
To improve healing and minimize swelling, patients are advise to avoid the following for 2 to 3 weeks : smoking, alcoholic beverages, aspirin, NSAID’s like mefenamic acids, vitamin E supplement, steroids, herbal tea or herbal medications.