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The shapes and sizes from the breast lift scars will differ amongst women. This will depend on breast volume and amount of excess and sagging breast skin. Mastopexy will be the medical term for breast lift, it can be performed utilizing numerous methods. If you want to resolve the drooping of the breast, you can choose to have a breast lift and you will have firmer or fuller breasts. For women who want bigger breasts without any excess skin, this is not the process for you. To make sure you understand the resulting scar and to know your option, speak for your surgeon concerning the techniques or incisions. The invasiveness or complexity of mastopexy or breast lift varies from one patient to another.

The ideal process or technique will depend on the present state of the breasts such as its nipple position, shape, and size. Among the typical procedures are crescent, benelli mastopexy, vertical mastopexy, regnault breast lifts. Only an expert surgeon can limit the amount of scarring because he or she will give value to aesthetic surgery. This will depend on the his experience and the status of the patient’s breast skin and volume. With much less invasive incisions, you are able to have finer and less noticeable scars.

The objective of breast lift surgery is to remove the excess and inelastic breast skin, relocate or transpose the nipple areola to a normal position (at the level or just below the level of the breast fold) and enhance breast shape and contour by having fullness at the upper and lateral pole. With this patients would have a more youthful breast wilt fullness at the upper pole and good nipple projection and location. All clients that wishes to have this procedure should be able to accept the fact that in exchange for a more youthful breast contour they would have a scar at their breast area. This may be as short around the nipple-areolar and/or may extend up to the breast fold area.

Sometimes, patient that needs breast lift surgery will also need silicon breast implant placement to enhance further the resulting breast volume and contour. But this is only done in patients with mild sagging breast tissue.

With breast lift procedure, patient should be at least sedated during surgery or have regional anesthesia for more comfortability. After surgery your breast will have swelling and some bruising that peaks on the 3 day and start to subside on the 4th day on wards. Also tube drains may or may not be use, depending on the extent of surgery. Tubes come out of the incision site at the most lateral end, this will help prevent fluid accumulation under the skin and also help control the swelling. Tube drains are usually removed after 5 to 7 days. On the average the breast is socially presentable by the 7th to 9th day after the surgery because most of the swelling had subside. Sutures are removed by the 10th and 12th day after surgery because wounds are dry and healed by this time.

Breast Lift Philippines

Most of the women who opt for breast lift are extremely much satisfied with their fuller breasts! There are fine scars in some locations but it’s worth the price. In addition to, the scars will not be reddish or lumpy forever. There will come a time once the scars will heal and can change color until finally they turn out to be fine lines. Breast lift scars are easy to deal with as compared to sagging breasts simply because there are now creams and other solutions that may lessen the scar look. By working closely together with your surgeon, you can better address the scars. You can undergo it if you no longer wish to have babies simply because you’ll simply waste money if you are still going to get pregnant. change your physical appearance with stunning fuller breasts!


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