Get A Mommy Makeover Package Now!

In the past decade, medical tourism had greatly increased in the Philippines. Many tourists mostly coming from America and Europe have gone to the Philippines for cosmetic makeovers. What makes the Philippines an attraction for medical tourism are the safe and affordable surgical procedures done by expert, board certified cosmetic plastic surgeons. Among these procedures is the well-known Mommy Makeover Package for moms who want to insure a safe and affordable surgery. This  includes tummy tuck, breast lift, breast augmentation, breast reduction, buttocks augmentation, liposuction, fat graft and face lift.

This makeover package is designed to eliminate the post pregnancy effects. Some of these post pregnancy effects can be seen on the tummy which is caused mostly by the stretching of the uterus due to the growing baby. The uterus is being press on the muscle wall of the abdomen, then abdominal muscles are pulled apart and separate as the fascia elongates. When this happened, nothing can bring them back together again other than a surgery. Exercise is not a good option either because there is no muscle in your midline to exercise.

After the baby was delivered, the abdominal skin collapses, leaving a hanging and loose skin. A muscle bulge can also be apparent in the lower abdomen since the muscles have already been stretched. Effects on the breasts are also eminent. When the baby is getting ready to be born, the breast started to grow. After the delivery, breast feeding causes the breast to sag due to repeated stretching. Once you will no longer breast feed the baby, the breasts decrease in size and more often they will become smaller compared to their size before breast feeding.

While the first pregnancy has these effects, repeated pregnancies do the foremost harm. Often, moms who have had very little difficulty in their first and second pregnancy, notice that the third child causes an incredible abdominal stretching and the loss of breast tissues. Additional occurrence of fat, which could be present but less obvious, become more apparent. The common combination of these problems are abdominal stretching of muscle and skin, the gaining more fat, the loss of breast tissue and drooping, brought us to develop the Mommy Makeover Package. Modern surgical technologies permit us to safely package these procedures.

Makeover for Abdomen

Generally, it requires a Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty) for the treatment of abdomen. The tummy tuck procedure allows tightens the skin of both the lower and upper part of abdomen. It also tightens the abdominal muscle from the ribcage to the pubic bone. If you still have good skin elasticity but there is an excess fat in your abdomen, liposuction or fat grafting maybe recommended for you.  Liposuction is the lasting removal of fat while fat grafting is the removal of excess fat in the abdomen and it will be implanted to the other parts of the body where it is needed. Commonly, it is implanted in the face to improve facial features.

Makeover for the Breasts

Depending on the amount of drooping, the loss of tissue and the loss of volume and fullness of the breast, there are many options for your breasts to improve. Mild drooping of the breasts can be treated with breast augmentation or breast implant. If the nipples are not too saggy and the patient wants to increase her breasts size, then breast implants is the best option. Breast Lift on the other hand, is done without assignment of breast implants. It lifts the nipples back up again along with contractions of the skin below the breasts.

Candidates for Mommy Makeover Package

You are a candidate for Mommy Makeover Package if childbirth and pregnancy have taken over your breasts, abdomen and facial features. You may decide to have a face lift with or without tummy tuck or to have breast lift with liposuction or fat graft. You can also have them all in this one package. Its overall goal is to improve the appearance of many mommies and eliminate the effect of pregnancies and childbirth.

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