Why Discerning Women Choose To Have Breast Augmentation

“People often say that ‘beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say that the most liberating thing about beauty is realizing that you are the beholder. This empowers us to find beauty in places where others have not dared to look, including inside ourselves”. ~Salma Hayek

Does this quote sound all too familiar?  Somehow this quote finds its home in our hearts.  And if I could rephrase  it further, a body enhancement like breast augmentation often ensues  to an aura  of being empowered…. and a liberating sense  for a renaissance woman ! This very common outlook lies at the very centre of a woman ‘s psyche  towards breast augmentation . So you might ask … What does breast augmentation mean?   breast augmentation philippines 

Breast augmentation
is synonymous to breast enlargement or breast enhancement.   As of 2012,  it is one of the most popular plastic surgical procedures with over 300,000 women annually undergoing it– to change a part or portion of their breasts(ASPS). Since the nineteenth century, breast implants have been used to surgically augment the size, alter the shape, and boost the feel of a woman’s breasts.

This leads us to my second point which is the benefits of breast augmentation .Essentially, the aforementioned procedure is chosen and elected by many discerning women who either have for all time undersized breasts or who have lost breast volume due to their pregnancy and prolonged breast feeding. Having said this, there are also those patients who simply aspire for a bigger and better breast range. Herewith are the aforementioned benefits of breast augmentation:

•       Boosts self-image.

•       Better self-confidence.

•       Increased femininity

•       Solar powered toys

•       Restoration of volume of breasts, same reason abovementioned in paragraph #3

•       A heightened aura of physical attractiveness.

•       Knack to wear an extra revealing outfit and swimwear

Moving forward! Let’s get familiarized with the basic breast augmentation procedures: After your surgeon administers anaesthesia , he will make an incision behind each breast to form a “little pouch like space within your breast tissues. The breast implants will then be cautiously placed in the pockets and aptly situated for most favourable appearance and proportion. After ensuring proper implant placement, your plastic surgeon will carefully close the incisions – usually with fine stitches to achieve better & well balanced bosoms.  Please see the steps aforementioned herewith.

Step 1 – Medication with the use of Anesthesia

Step 2 – The cut or incision. Your surgeon will include behind the breast. This surgical process  usually takes about an hour or so.

Step 3 – Involves the placement of an implant and the concealment of incisions

Step 4 – A Renewed You! Final result and after care. The complete recovery process can take from two weeks to a month.


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