Butt Augmentation For A New And Sexier You

As people ages, the body tends to lose its youthful fullness and suppleness. Skin quality changes, pigmentation or blemishes appear that may worsen when the skin loose its elasticity. This changes in volume and skin quality that droop and sag is also noticeable and obvious in the buttocks area.

In this situation, patients feel that their bottom could use some work to improve volume and contour. Usually or some would resort to physical exercise and diet which have both failed. Then they may want or consider having their buttocks elevated or enhanced surgically. Although gluteal enhancement procedure is a form of cosmetic surgery that may be costly, it could give aging, sagging gluteal cheeks a new or improved contour, shape, and volume that may uplift a person’s self-esteem. Thus improving their lifestyle and the way they interact with people.

Buttocks enhancement is not indicated for a particular gender. Both women and men can benefit from this procedure. Enhancement of the buttocks area can either be done with an implant or by fat grafting. Either way, improvement in buttocks shape, contour and volume are attained. Although there will be noticeable scars for patients that had their buttock enhanced with a gluteal implant, many people say the end outcome is really worth it. And if a patient would want to have a less invasive or minimal scar, they may opt to have brazilian butt lift or buttocks augmentation with fat graft or fat injection. But before planning to go under the knife, know exactly what you want, and which process will most advantage your own behind.

Methods to Get Your Butt Enhance

There are several ways to make your bottom bigger or perkier that are available in the marketplace today. Choosing and deciding which is the best option for you is an individual decision. Patient’s should ask questions with their surgeon: ask for before and after photos, risk and complications, how many years your doctor have been in practice, how many cases hay have done and if your doctor is a board certified health care provider. Enhancement procedure can either be by a fat graft(also know as brazilian butt lift), Buttocks lift and Buttocks augmentation with gluteal silicon implant.

Traditional Buttock Lift- This kind of buttock enhancement procedure that entails excision of excess, sagging skin of the lower back and upper gluteal area. This procedure is usually combined with other excision procedure like belt lipectomy that is the excision of excess skin at the lower trunk area. Patients that will need this procedure will need to remain in the hospital for two to three days. This procedure is done either under general anesthesia or an epidural anesthetic, that will numb patients from the waist down. There are some cases in which liposuction to be carried out simultaneously with lift procedure particularly for a patient with thick fat deposit under the skin. Liposuction is needed to thin out the fat and further improve the result and patient’s contour. The incision is performed on the lower back just right above the gluteal cheek then with excess skin and body fat was taken or excise. The new edges of the skin are then stitched back again together, and even though you’ll be left with a scar it ought to be mainly hidden from the crease. However, if you are prone to keloid scars, they may be more noticeable.

Brazilian Butt Lift – Do not confuse this with a buttock lift procedure – they are two completely different methods. This procedure is best for a younger group or patients with less saggy and redundant skin. The buttocks that sag due to the insufficient volume will be lifted by increasing the volume of the butt with injections fats that comes from the patient’s own body. The fat is usually harvested by liposuction technique and then process into pure fat before this is transplanted or injected to the buttocks.

Buttocks Augmentation With Silicon Implant- In case your physique has deficient or no extra fat, particularly for patients that had lost weight prior to consulting then gluteal implants is a good option. Gluteal silicon implants made of an outer silicon shell that contains cohesive silicon gel.

Some surgeon prefers to use soft solid silicone implant because of the fear of implant rupture. Some patients prefer to have silicon implant particularly if they want a more pronounced enlargement of their gluteal. While some prefer to have fat graft for their buttocks augmentation especially if the patient does not want any foreign material in their body.

Butt Augmentation with filler material -This is a new method of improving buttocks diminution. This procedure involves the use foreign material such as Macrolane to enhance the volume and shape of the butt. This is perfumed either local anesthesia or with IV sedation. Relatively new, Marcolane is really a filler made largely of hyaluronic acid, which has been utilized in the US for many years like a quick way to improve a woman’s breast dimension but now being used by some doctors to enhance the buttocks area. The filler is injected into the sides of the gluteal cheek and most patient claim that they see an instantaneous improvement. Absolutely nothing lasts permanently – and this includes Marcolane. The filler ultimately will get absorbed into the body, which means you will require top-ups each year along with a half or so, based on your personal preference. Its manufacturers say it’s safe when it is absorbed, but extremely long-term studies have not been completed.

What to expect After Surgery

Prospective patient are informed that they will find it very unpleasant to sit down for up to per month in the event you have this process carried out, this is often the case for patients that have gluteal implant and buttock lift procedure. For fat graft augmentation of the buttocks, patients may sit on their gluteal area after 5 to 7 days from surgery.

Swelling or Inflammation will be significant and peaks of the third day, the swelling may migrate to the lower extremity and some patient may notice that their feet may swell as well. But this is due to gravitational pooling of the fluid to the most dependent area. There may or may not be some bruising, after surgery. This is particularly significant and noticeable among patients that had liposuction as well together with their buttocks procedure. Swelling and bruising may last for several weeks to months. But usually, swelling significantly reduce by the first to second week.

Seroma, there are time fluid forms under the skin that delay healing. This is particularly common for buttocks augmentation with silicone implant. In order to prevent this, the surgeon uses tube drains to prevent the fluid from accumulating and this drain will also facilitate healing of the wound.

Pain is one of the major concerns of the patient undergoing gluteal procedure. However, with the availability of new pain medication and pain management protocol physicians were able to manage and control pain adequately. This is why patients complain more of discomfort rather than pain. The discomfort is due to swelling after surgery and may improve through time as swelling subside.

Delay healing with poor resulting scar, this is common among patients that develop fluid under the skin or seroma. The wound may not heal as expected and may even open a bit that may later expose the implant. This is why most surgeon uses tube drain to avoid serum fluid formation.

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